"I was born in the Santa Rosa de Lima, in the town of Santa Fe, down the neighborhood Los Laches, above Las Cruces". 'And you why I say it so accurately? -. "It Is anyone there knows that neighborhood."

Hence comes Diana Avella, out of nowhere, the complete anonymity. So way into a hostile world, hip-hop, that speaks of rights and injustices, but gave little space to women, at least in its origins.

In that place of brick and shantytowns on Sunday the plan was to go see the dead turn, after social cleansing, he spent happy childhood of this woman, so it sounds weird. "I always saw the circle of people and the 'man' covered with a sheet. It was part of the landscape. It was what could be done in the nineties ".

His inspiration comes from living with his maternal grandparents while his mother worked as a machinist in a laundry and studying in a tiny school of nuns who worshiped the Virgin of Guadalupe.

After touring several Latin American countries, comes this Sunday at Teatro Royal Center Bogotá International Hip Hop Festival Without Borders, one of the most important events of its kind on this side of the continent.

For this debut in our country, headed by the Habeatat producer, the lineup includes artists from Spain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Precisely, one of the most prominent representatives of this musical universe is the Rapsusklei Spanish, also known as the 'Child of the jungle', who has more than 30 productions throughout his career, which began in the early 90.

When the night went to the Grammy Awards ceremony last Monday between sweetened presentations of The Weeknd, Adele, Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood, and endearing, as a tribute to Lionel Richie, present knew that soon there would be a pump, a statement of inconvenient truths: Kendrick Lamar and would go up on stage to sing.