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Sean Combs

Sean John Combs, Más Conocido Como P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Niddy, Faun John o hinchada, (Harlem, Nueva York, 28 de noviembre de 1969) Es Un rapero, coreógrafo, actor y productor musical Estadounidense ganador de cuatro Grammys,.

Fue director de Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G) y Uno de Sus descubridores, Participó en el SUS Todos los videoclips y Sin duda FUE su empuje para Dejar El Mundo de las drogas. Es reconocido también por su enemistad con el rapero Tupac Shakur y el productor Suge Knight.

The neighborhood character and hip-hop was formed catapulted the world

"I was born in the Santa Rosa de Lima, in the town of Santa Fe, down the neighborhood Los Laches, above Las Cruces". 'And you why I say it so accurately? -. "It Is anyone there knows that neighborhood."

Hence comes Diana Avella, out of nowhere, the complete anonymity. So way into a hostile world, hip-hop, that speaks of rights and injustices, but gave little space to women, at least in its origins.

In that place of brick and shantytowns on Sunday the plan was to go see the dead turn, after social cleansing, he spent happy childhood of this woman, so it sounds weird. "I always saw the circle of people and the 'man' covered with a sheet. It was part of the landscape. It was what could be done in the nineties ".

His inspiration comes from living with his maternal grandparents while his mother worked as a machinist in a laundry and studying in a tiny school of nuns who worshiped the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Download 'hip hop' without borders

After touring several Latin American countries, comes this Sunday at Teatro Royal Center Bogotá International Hip Hop Festival Without Borders, one of the most important events of its kind on this side of the continent.

For this debut in our country, headed by the Habeatat producer, the lineup includes artists from Spain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Precisely, one of the most prominent representatives of this musical universe is the Rapsusklei Spanish, also known as the 'Child of the jungle', who has more than 30 productions throughout his career, which began in the early 90.

Social transformation through hip hop music

17 years ago, he wheeling born as did most bands of the 90s, in a garage.

Calatrava, neighborhood located in the municipality of Itagui, saw them emerge as hip hop singers. Now, through its social work, their records and the composition of their fourth album, they are positioned among the most prominent rappers south of the city.

Daniel Herrera, 'Koriotto'; Javier Bohorquez, 'Javier'; and Andres Felipe Martinez, 'Gamboa', all over 30 years old are the ones who give voice to wheeling and dealing.


This group of friends, who began recording his songs with an instrumental track and a microphone were the first neighborhood-of which wore clothes ancha- "started making music and singing at home parties".

Rap, music genre belonging to the hip hop culture, is used by many singers as a mechanism of social protest.

However, 'Koriotto' 'Javier and' Gamboa 'ensure that through music can destroy or build, every one who decides which way to turn.

In the street "Boys do not cry" of Rels B. Hear Him!

This weekend is not exclusive to the old school as Kase.O with discus or Rapsusklei raising unknowns about yours. This weekend is also the new promises. One of the most acclaimed of this new cycle, Rels B aka Skinny Flakkk, today launches his new album "Boys do not cry".

The Spaniard MC comes in this work of 12 cuts (9 subjects and 3 skits) with the support of the eternal beatmakerss Buco Itchy & Sounds, who are responsible for the full production of "Boys do not cry". Above them, the canary has Rels Bejo in connection between the archipelagos as well as vocal collaboration with Javier Simon; and Dj Nakad the dishes in a court. The sound is provided by Quiroga in QBox. Several of the issues and we could hear and see in the form of video before the release of today.

Jeremih Disses Partynextdoor On Stage In Dallas

Jeremih has some very choice words for his fellow touring partner PARTYNEXTDOOR Friday night.

Jeremih was all over the news yesterday after fans & reports surfaced online that he had put out a stunt-double to perform his show in Houston Thursday night, and now not even 24 hours later he’s back calling out OVO crooner & fellow touring partner PARTYNEXTDOOR on stage.

During his closing set in Houston Friday night while on their "Summer's Over" tour, Jeremih decided to call PND & his crew a bunch of “bitch ass niggas,” before going on to clown him for not even singing his songs while performing. In the footage, Jeremih apparently jumps off stage & attempts to enter the crowd but is stopped by either security guards or someone from PND's crew resulting in the Chicago crooner to go prety nuts. “This ni**a been trying to stop me since this tour started. He can’t stop me!” Jeremih screams before the video ends.

This report shouldn't be all too shocking considering rumors of tension has been building between the two all week long, especially after Jeremih's dramatic & controversial conclusion Tuesday night in Chicago. 

Nonetheless, watch Jeremih call out PND Friday night (below) and let us know what you think of it. We'll definitely keep you posted if anything comes from this.

Drake & French Montana Get Their Bro Code Enshrined

French Montana shares on IG the 10 Snipe Commandments that Drake apparently wrote.

Drake and French Montana have been good homies for a few years now, and today we get a look into their bromantic escapades. Reported via Instagram, French Montanta and Drake follow a strict code called the 10 Snipe Commandments, and French has had this code of ethics enshrined for his house. Here's what French had to say about it: "These are the 10 snipe commandments. Finally got it to my house. Written by my bro @champagnepapi and overviewed by me. The Rules We Live By... Disregard these rules if you're fully committed."

The 10 Snipe Commandments resemble a classic bro code between homies, but because it's French and Drizzy, it's more important to pay attention. Here are the commandments as seen in the IG post:

Festival 'hip hop' for peace will be held on September 25

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With presentations by national and international artists, guest speakers and cultural activities the festival for Peace Hiphoppas the outdoor theater of the Media Torta be taken on 25 September. attendance of 3,500 people are expected. Some of the renowned singers who will attend are Midras Queen of Bogota, Ras Jahonnan of Cali, Medellin and AFAZ Natural Marrom Fernandez and Venezuelan Akapellah. In addition to these presentations, youth cultural center of the Ayara Family that year and a half were formed as managers of peace, make artistic interpretations.  

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