Kanye West's Hospitalization Reportedly Related To Change In Medication Intake

Kanye West's Hospitalization Reportedly…

05-December-2016 Hits:245

A new report claims Kanye had deviated from his prescribed dosage.   Kanye Westreturned home from an 8-day hospital visit earlier this week...

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Mannie Fresh Previews Unreleased Lil Wayne Song, Possibly From "Tha Carter V"

Mannie Fresh Previews Unreleased…

05-December-2016 Hits:234

A new song from Lil Wayne has been previewed by Mannie Freshon the DaTakeover podcast, and it seems it may come from Tha Carter...

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Carmona launches the album "Arrabalero" Listen now!

Carmona launches the album…

05-December-2016 Hits:268

From the collective A13 and with the backing of Grimey Music label, Carmona presents his new album "Arrabalero". The album...

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Drake & French Montana Get Their Bro Code Enshrined

Drake & French Montana…

28-September-2016 Hits:1184

French Montana shares on IG the 10 Snipe Commandments that Drake apparently wrote. Drake and French Montana have been good homies for a few...

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Jeremih Disses Partynextdoor On Stage In Dallas

Jeremih Disses Partynextdoor On…

28-September-2016 Hits:277

Jeremih has some very choice words for his fellow touring partner PARTYNEXTDOOR Friday night. Jeremih was all over the news yesterday after...

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Festival 'hip hop' for peace will be held on September 25

Festival 'hip hop' for…

19-April-2014 Hits:378

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consec tetur adipisicing elit sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua...

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  • Kylie Jenner will reportedly be brought in for questioning regarding a lawsuit against Tyga. Tyga's got lawsuits a plenty, some
  • Drake's "VIEWS" is the first album to hit the billion benchmark on Apple Music Drake's VIEWS album has already topped
  • Mac Miller's "The Divine Feminine" makes a #2 debut on the Billboard 200. Mac Miller's new album, The Divine Feminine,
  • Kaytranada apparently hit the studio with Andre 3000. 1/2 of the legendary duo OutKast, Andre 3000, remains an elusive figure
  • "A lot of y'all favorite artists wouldn't be y'all favorite artists if it wasn't for Cudi." Earlier this month, Kid
  • An interview with Mick Jenkins. “In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can
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Therese Marie Feat. Snoop

Therese Marie Feat. Snoop

25-October-2016 Hits:276

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Download 'hip hop' without borders

Download 'hip hop' without…

28-September-2016 Hits:259

After touring several Latin American countries, comes this Sunday at Teatro Royal Center Bogotá International Hip Hop Festival Without Borders...

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The neighborhood character and hip-hop was formed catapulted the world

The neighborhood character and…

28-September-2016 Hits:231

"I was born in the Santa Rosa de Lima, in the town of Santa Fe, down the neighborhood Los Laches...

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Kendrick Lamar, the musical phenomenon of the moment

Kendrick Lamar, the musical…

19-April-2014 Hits:212

When the night went to the Grammy Awards ceremony last Monday between sweetened presentations of The Weeknd, Adele, Taylor Swift...

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  • icon Hip Hop charm outdoor
  • icon In the street "Boys do not cry" of Rels B. Hear Him!
  • icon Social transformation through hip hop music

Bogotá can afford to have one of the most important festivals in Latin America that pay homage to the hip hop culture. And that intention ratified this weekend with the assistance of more than 130,000 people to the number 19, which closed with a flourish with the introduction of US rapper Xzibit.

On this last day national and international dancers 'break dance' for urban dance competition were also presented. The award remained in France, with the presentation of Infamous Crew, who did thrill the audience with his skills on stage.

Women were protagonists in this issue, as one of the most anticipated presentations was to Shadia Mansour, better known as the lady of Arabic hip hop. His music touched nearly 60,000 people who met her appointment last Sunday.

Malena also Dalessio, of Argentina, stepped on stage and began chanting the audience with their songs.

More international artists like the Cuban

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This weekend is not exclusive to the old school as Kase.O with discus or Rapsusklei raising unknowns about yours. This weekend is also the new promises. One of the most acclaimed of this new cycle, Rels B aka Skinny Flakkk, today launches his new album "Boys do not cry".

The Spaniard MC comes in this work of 12 cuts (9 subjects and 3 skits) with the support of the eternal beatmakerss Buco Itchy & Sounds, who are responsible for the full production of "Boys do not cry". Above them, the canary has Rels Bejo in connection between the archipelagos as well as vocal collaboration with Javier Simon; and Dj Nakad the dishes in a court. The sound is provided by Quiroga in QBox. Several of the issues and we could hear and see in the form of video before the release of today.

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17 years ago, he wheeling born as did most bands of the 90s, in a garage.

Calatrava, neighborhood located in the municipality of Itagui, saw them emerge as hip hop singers. Now, through its social work, their records and the composition of their fourth album, they are positioned among the most prominent rappers south of the city.

Daniel Herrera, 'Koriotto'; Javier Bohorquez, 'Javier'; and Andres Felipe Martinez, 'Gamboa', all over 30 years old are the ones who give voice to wheeling and dealing.

This group of friends, who began recording his songs with an instrumental track and a microphone were the first neighborhood-of which wore clothes ancha- "started making music and singing at home parties".

Rap, music genre belonging to the hip hop culture, is used by many singers as a mechanism of social protest.

However, 'Koriotto' 'Javier and' Gamboa 'ensure that through music can destroy or build, every one

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